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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 26, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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♪ right now, a family in the hospital after police say thieves slam a stolen car into their suv. you can see flames erupting from the crash on the schuylkill expressway during the evening rush. one of the innocent victims fighting for her life tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn knee. lucy is off. police say those suspects are in custody. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at hahnemann university hospital where the victims and the suspects tour night. dave? >> reporter: dawn, those three victims of the crash and the two suspects are still here at hahnemann being treated for their injuries. tonight one of those victims is in critical condition tonight and, again, the suspects in this case are facing some very serious charges. this was the scene on the montgomery drive off-ramp from 76 after two suspects in a
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stolen car collided with an suv just after 6:00 wednesday night. >> there was a vehicle coming westbound on belmont. the officer report seeing the vehicle, disregarding the stop sign. not even putting on the brakes. he broad sides the other vehicle. >> reporter: stolen nissan altima burst into flames as the two suspects bailed out and fl fled. >> they fled on to the expressway. the philadelphia notified state police and they were able to app pre meant two makes on 76. >> reporter: the innocent victims of all of this were rushed to hahnemann hospital with injuries from the crash. another the fleeing suspects were caught by state troopers they were taken to hahnemann. >> the victims instead of going home to their families they're spending time at a local hospital. >> reporter: police say the car was reported stolen from this 7eleven on welsh road in northeast philadelphia earlier in the evening. after the owner left the keys in the car while he went inside the store. >> obviously around the holiday times everybody is in a hurry we
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don't want to you leave your keys in your car. >> reporter: there was no word on the extent of the injuries to the victims of this crash. their car appeared to be totaled. their thanksgiving plans interrupted. but police say, this could have ended much differently. >> very close call much this could have had worse results. >> reporter: now, the three victims are a young man, his girlfriend and her mother. she is the woman in critical condition tonight. she's up seeing a neurologist as we speak right now. the three -- two suspects excuse me, under police guard here at the hospital. they are facing three counts of aggravated assault and assorted other charges. traffic on the off-ramp was tied up for about an hour tonight. iain? >> all right, dave. thank you. on your radar get ready for some temperatures to start climbing a live look tonight from reading after a cold start to the week. kathy we're warming up just in time for the holiday. >> um-hmm. just in time for some turkey bowls tomorrow perhaps. we're going to see dry conditions and mild temperatur temperatures. right now, it is busy in center city philadelphia.
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the temperature is 40 degrees. the high for the day 55 and those temperatures will fall skies are clear. the winds are calm and that means a chilly start to the day tomorrow but it won't be all cool for holiday forecast as you head out the door perhaps going for morning walk just grab a jacket. 44 degrees by the noon hour temperatures near 60 degrees. by the afternoon around 3:00 p.m. for dinner the warmest part of the day at 62 and then by the evening, dessert perhaps partly cloudy the temperature still 58. we'll see those warm temperatures but rain is on the radar fort holiday weekend. we'll track some storms moving east coming up with your seven day forecast i'm see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy. u.s. roads, railways and airports are jam packed for the thanksgiving hold day. this is travel period expected to be the busiest in some eight years. meanwhile worldwide travel alert issued as many of you get ready to hit the roads, rails and air for the holiday. the warning to american travelers comes a mid concerns that terror groups like isis
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plan more attacks after the paris massacres. >> it's understandable that people worry something similar to could happen here. watching the events in paris made the threat feel closer to home. so as we go into thanksgiving weekend, i want the american people to know is that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> the alert does not tell americans to avoid travel but to quote exercise vigilance. this worldwide travel alert expires on february 24th. travelers who we spoke to say it comes with the territory. >> i'm always happy to travel because it means seeing my family and those close to me. i'm happy to go through security if it means keeping everybody safe, so you just need to get there early and be prepared for that. >> before you hit the road fox 29 weather and traffic authorities have you covered as we look live in wilmington tonight. for any problems out on the
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roads to the latest forecasts, stay tuned starting tomorrow morning at 4:00 o'clock. skyfox over shooting in southwest philadelphia tonight. police tell us a 40-year-old man was shot once in the head on the 900 block of south 51 is the street. skyfox overhead you can see police cars on scene just after 7:00 tonight. the victim was rushed to the hospital where we're told he is still in surgery tonight. so far no arrests. while many families are giving thanks for what they have this thanksgiving one family is mourning the loss of a loved one. growing memorial for 18-year-old ali tam son the teenager died after her car slammed into a tree last night on the 4,000 block of east roosevelt boulevard in north philadelphia. tonight her family and loved ones placing flowers and other momentos at the scene of the crash in her hem reach another person was also injured in that accident and he is listed in stable condition at the hospit hospital. nasty surprise for dozens of fishtown people this morning. the car window after car window busted out.
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police say the car windows were hit with either a beebee or some type of pellet gun. this all happened sometime overnight in the 1800 block of memphis street what did the vandals get out of the this. police are currently looking to see if surveillance video caught whomever did it. if you know anything about it please call police. still developing to night a state trooper shot on the job is back home this evening. our cameras were there when state trooper patrick casey walked out of hahnemann university hospital today wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. shot in a wild chase yesterday on the vine street expressway and it ended in a fiery crash. that bullet still lodged in the trooper's body. fox 29's joanne pileggi spoke to casey as he was released from the hospital. >> reporter: he didn't want the publicity or the story to be about him. but trooper patrick casey can be thankful he is walking out of the hospital. >> i'm feeling all right. i just want to thank everybody for all their prayers and support. happy to be going home for thanksgiving. >> reporter: casey was shot in
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the shoulder after chasing a suspect along i676 yesterday. the police pursuit after the suspect had been stopped for a registration violation. and then took off. police say 17-year-old giovanni cato ran trooper casey's cruiser and was shooting and driving and eventually crashed into the back of a schoolbus. both vehicles erupting into an inferno. >> obviously, didn't want to be stopped for some reason, but that's still under investigation. >> reporter: investigators recovered the gun they believe cato used a 45 caliber pistol. it was stolen in a burglary in georgia four years ago and ended up here. >> very frustrating that when these things are stolen in a burglary and not recovered, because it's our greatest fear these things will be used against law enforcement or in a crime of some sort. >> reporter: police don't know why cato fled. they want to find out. >> most of that car was burned. so we don't know what he was trying to hide at this point. we're still investigating those things to determine what if anything was in the car.
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or whether he was wanted on another matter. >> reporter: some describe the event like a scene from a movie or a violent video game. casey wouldn't talk about the incident as his parents picked him up, he aureate rated. >> i'm feeling much better. i'm feeling very good. >> we're glad he's feeling better. fox 29's joanne pileggi reports state police are still looking to talk to this teenager right here. 19-year-old kaymer lewis was in the car during the initial traffic stop. they say he is not facing charges related to the shootout. they just want to talk to him. protesters take to the streets of center city tonight demanding justice. tonight's march over the death of unarmed black teen in minneapolis shot and killed by police earlier this month. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at city hall tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well, iain, there was a pretty high police presence throughout north philly to night because of this protest. but it ended near temple university with a peaceful demonstration. >> protest has never done anything for us. >> reporter: crowd of
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protesters gathered at broad and erie in north philly this evening. >> banners that wee use at every protest and the names get longer. >> reporter: philadelphia coalition for economic and legal justice call this emergency demonstration in solidarity with minneapolis after what has been called a racially motivate add tack that happened there. >> principal end audible (. >> reporter: five people in minneapolis were participating in a black lives matter demonstration when they were shot to death. three men were arrested and charged today. the victims were part of a group seeking justice over the police killing of a minneapolis teen. >> people all over the united states, chicago -- >> reporter: philadelphia police in cars and on bikes as the crowd shut down by the intersection by blocking traffic before marching south on broad street to cecil b. moore.
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>> they're our police. they're in uniform. they're here to keep us cordoned off while we're demanding justice. >> organizers urged feeble take back their communities. the rally comes a day after unrest in chicago after graphic dam cash individual released showing a police officer shoot a teen 16 times. it happened 13 months ago. the officer just yesterday was charged with first degree murd murder. >> i always tend to watch my back. you never really know if they're going to do something and whatnot. >> reporter: and again, no incidents were reported. philadelphia police stood by respectfully keeping both protesters and drivers safe. in center city, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. ♪ this will send chills down your spine. police say that's the guy who just broke into someone's bedroom crawling around while someone is sleeping just feet away. the one thing on the dresser he was after. a local family says their home is now rubble. their bank account nearly drained after tank link with an area builder with family
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advertise to a music mogil. fox 29 investigates goes looking for answers. plus, a community thoroughly creeped out. this clown showing up they say lurking around even scaring people walking by. the mystery behind this unsettling mask. and ladies and gentlemen, could this be the answer to your hair care woes? joyce? >> reporter: always on the go. no time to even stop and get your hair done. but if all you had to do was come outside your office and go in there? >> pimp my ride. >> we take you inside a high end salon like nothing you've ever seen. >> plus the local rapper taking over empire. what breezy tells our quincy harr
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♪ critics calling this the rocky movie fans have been waiting for. creed the next installment rocky series just hit theaters. >> so far the talk about this film all positive but we wanted to make sure we sent our chris o'connell out to check it out, and chris, what court are -- corner are people in? >> reporter: dawn, when you think of philly you think of cheesesteaks you think of the liberty bell and you think of rocky balboa. movie critics say this latest installment of creed could be the best in the rocky series. take a look. that movie opening today. can it live up to philly crowd? judging by the audience here in west philly it appears creed is a heavyweight hit. movie goers couldn't wait to leave the theater before texting friends. >> it was great. great. >> movie was amazing.
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michael b. jordan definitely delivered. >> your father was special. >> reporter: in the seventh installment of a philly favorite, rocky has hung up his boxing gloves. no y oh adrian and no runs up the museum steps. in this one rocky becomes a reluctant mentor to the son of one-nemesis creed. it. >> sets up the story of a don diss creed. it's his team to shine. rocky took it 40 years ago much it's creed's time. >> one thing about this movie that's true to the original, it is all philly. sylvester stallone and his crew spent months in town last year filming and now the city gets to shine once again on the silver screen. >> what's the best part of the movie. >> seeing everything in philly from the buses to max's to everything. just philly alluremented in this movie. >> i think i liked how unique this was. coming in i wasn't expecting it. it was definitely underdog story inspiring and, you know, i liked
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how it was a little different. ♪ >> reporter: the story may be different, but the gritty roots of the characters are much the same. and wait until you see the ending. >> the best part i think was the ending. >> bleep. >> don't tell me. but it was good match. like the match at the end was the best part. >> reporter: well the movie so inspirational temple football coach matt ruhle actually took his entire team to see that movie today and look who we ran into. oliver he's actually in the movie. what's it like seeing yourself on screen. >> i mean it gave me goose bumps it was a great experience many great for my career starring off as an actor. at itch of 28 early in mice career being on screen. unbelievable. >> he did it on the silver screen. creed come see it guys. i saw couple minutes myself. it's pretty good. >> reporter: chris, thank you. fire tears through three homes and now fire officials trying to figure out exactly what caused it. skyfox over the 900 block of
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west seltzer street in the fair hill section of philadelphia just after 9:00 this evening. fortunately no one was hurt. cheliceral corner stones in the african-american community talking about the barbershop but times they're changing. seems no one has got time to spend all day socializing in a salon. one local group has taken that tradition to the next level. fox 29's joyce evans takes us for a ride in the pimped out salon on wheels. ♪ >> reporter:. >> what's up? what are we going to do. >> reporter: creating magic out of tresses. is what delaware stylist steven wilkerson does best. >> my passion without a doubt. >> reporter: after almost 30 years of styling in the chair, on the runway, on the cover you name it, this artist is not exactly hanging up his cape, his clippers, his below drier. >> carving eagles logo on the side of my head, are you. >> or barbershop trash talk.
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nope. he's also taking his act on the road. how exactly? >> it's all trick out. you have everything you need. ♪ >> reporter: like a transformer. >> opt imus prime. >> reporter: show what that's all about in a moment. back inside salon and day spa in chadds ford, pa, steven is whipping hair into shape on his morning clients. so is owner kevin cassaldi. >> we've been friends 24 years. >> reporter: his son, nick, too. >> with thanksgiving and the holidays coming up get a little busier. >> the shop is buzzing about the recent launch of a first in the area. >> i think it's fabulous. >> wait until you see it. it's a mazing. makes me jealous. ♪ >> reporter: it's a brand new venture for steven and new option of services for the cass stall dees it's a bit of a twist on a long-standing culture. particularly in african-american
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communities. >> there was a point there when going to the salon you probably remember it was our day out. >> reporter: still is for mos most. >> i do like coming to the sal salon. >> reporter: but this part has changed dramatically. >> you go there, you stay for eight hours remember those days? >> a lot of women are on the go and they can't get to the salon when they'd like to. >> it's definitely different. going to you versus them coming to us is going to change game a little bit too, you know. >> reporter: concept is not new but the method, well -- ♪ >> reporter: it transforms into a giant pamper palace on wheels. complete with wide screens and working fireplace. >> trick it out. pump my ride. pimp my rs have what we went for. >> steven's wife gina is director in chief. >> she's also the brain of this nearly $300,000 out of pocket venture. >> mobilization is everything. >> reporter: she knows. she works with a huge
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pharmaceutical company that offers all kinds of mobile services. >> it's not cheap. >> reporter: 150 bucks to fill it up and it takes four times the water a normal rv uses. >> because we can't run out of water. >> reporter: first they had to get by delaware licensing and regulation laws for this kind of thing. >> we pushed to have the regulations changed. >> reporter: two and a half years later it's finally all aboard. >> i had no idea what to expect. >> reporter: debbie knew she had little time to transform her hair from office to evening. >> wow! >> 30 minutes for up do. very exciting. >> reporter: same charge as at the salon. quicker for mike to meet steven here outside the marriott courtyard near the university of delaware. >> reporter: michael is considering bringing the bus to the convention site.
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i feel like a new man. >> reporter: the same sozo a type of spiritual healing gina says the closest similar salon on wheels is in washington, d.c. but it doesn't come close to theirs. delaware showing off its finest. >> yes, we are. yes, we are. we'll ab force to be reckoned with. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> that is pimping your ride. (laughter). let's just say this implosion does not go as planned a guy decides he can knock it down. >> at that point i had brick hanging. it's going to have to come down one weighter other. >> he runs construction equipment into the leaning tower. the shocking thing he said when all the dust settled. >> and these two accused of snatching fire dollars from a little girl. what else police say they found when they caught them that could explain why. an epic battle tonight between drake and rapper two chains but it's got todd nothing to do with music.
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♪ an alabama man is lucky to be alive after a planned demolition of a smoke stack goes terribly wrong. hundreds of people gathering to see the landmark reduced to rubble but the smoke stack doesn't come down that easily so the man in the okra fifty eight takes a risky move that almost cost him his life. the smoke stack came down right
3:24 am
on top of him. he described his thought process here. >> at that point, i had brick hanging. it's going to have to come down one way or the other. >> the man is okay and get this he says he would do this all over again even after seeing how dangerous his actions were. new surveillance video shows what police say is a mom buying towels just before she leaves her newborn baby outside a church. that baby boy found in the nativity scene at a church in queens. police are still looking for his mom. church is a safe haven for drop offs but you have to leave the baby with someone or call poli police. big thank you tonight from devon stills. >> he says his daughter lea's latest scan shows that she is still in remission from cancer which is great news. still posting a thank you on his instagram for all the support and prayers. he put up a picture of his little girl lea earlier today waiting to get tests. the five-year-old fought neuroblastoma through much of last year. they've appeared together on good day after she went into remission in march but had to go
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through more treatments. devon still is from wilmington he played at penn state and then went on to play in the nfl with the bengals. >> local builder with ties to a city music legend accused of taking the money and hitting the road. guess what happens when fox 29 investigates shows up? >> reporter: did you -- lawrence, did you have any permits? lawrence? >> jeff cole is on the case. why the couple's home is gone along with their money. plus local rapper who has taken over empire. what breezy tells our quincy harris about the call that changed her life. >> storms brewing to the west with snow, sleet and rain. what this storm means for our weather coming up with that
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♪ a local family will face the holiday season in search of a new place to live. devastated and uncertain if they'll recover from the loss of their family home. fox 29 investigates has learned police are investigating this contractor nightmare with a
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hook. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: if you are looking for a home with a fabulous view of the deep blue sky 1310 north 29th street is for you. but that's all it has to offer. where are we standing? >> you're standing in my home. >> reporter: this is your home? >> this is literally my home. >> reporter: your home looks like someone dropped a bomb in it. >> yes. >> reporter: the structure is a shell of the dwelling where storm and anthony huey once lived with their four children. a fire drove them out. but now due to the work of a contractor claimed the hueys the brick walls are exposed and crumbling, the back of the first floor is blown out and climbing the stairs is an adventure in open air living. >> if you want some sunlight you come on you up. >> reporter: jim box dale the huey's project manner says this place may need a wrecking ball. >> 80%. if it has to go through winter season it will have to come
3:30 am
down. >> reporter: you think it's 80% l and i will order this thing knocked to the ground. >> right now, yes. >> can't wrap my mind around that. i just become extremely emotional. and angry. >> reporter: over what she says that contractor did. what did he do? take the money and run claimed the hueys. who did it? an area contractor with ties to an internationally known record producer. what's the bottom line? a family's home that's disappear disappeared. meet lawrence thread gill. >> how are you man? >> fine. yourself. >> reporter: i'm jeff cole from fox tv. let me give you my card. >> he's the owner of homes perspective llc a general contracting company with philadelphia and new castle, delaware, addresses. in june, the hueys signed this contract with thread gill's company. it called for demo and remodeling of the home. it also reads, homes perspective will be responsible for pulling all permits needed for the work.
3:31 am
total cost of the job about 183,000 say the hueys. they slapped down 60 grand in a down payment to threadgill. >> we felt a sense of relief that this person really had our back. >> reporter: what sold them on threadgill? two things. a recommendation to use him from a prominent city architect who tells fox 29 he believed threadgill had the proper permit to work, and threadgill wife scene here on her facebook page witpagegill during their 2015 wk about the time the work again. she's the step daughter of kenny gamble. ♪ >> reporter: yup. that kenny gamble. philadelphia's famous song writer and record producer turned philanthropist. >> his daughter literally saturday sat down with us, went over the contract, wept over ideas. >> reporter: kenny gamble says
3:32 am
there's no connection between him, his interests and his son-in-law's contracting business. public records we viewed show no link. the music mogul needs to be caught in name or place dropping because the huey's signed their contract with threadgill and his wife inside 1503 christian street. the three-story brick is owned by is a lamb interposes, ink a real state firm owned by kenny gam well with his wife also listed as president. it's where we spoke with the legendary record producer. >> so the gamble name is almost golden in the city of philadelphia and you thought certainly his son-in-law and daughter would do right by you? >> exactly. >> reporter: did they? >> not at all. >> reporter: gamble said he knew nothing of the signing and homes perspective doesn't have an office here. when threadgill began work at north 29 in this june he was doing it under this make save permit issued to a prior
3:33 am
contractor by philadelphia's department of licenses and inspections. the permit allowed for replacement of damaged joists and similar work. >> that wall has been torn out. so that is seriously compromised the structural integrity of the back of this building. >> reporter: but when threadgill knocked out the back wall, tore off the roof and goon rebuild it in a plan to expand the house, he found big trouble. l and i inspector returned and issued violations for work that had gone well beyond what the permit allowed. in fact, l and i's chief of staph beth grossman tells fox 29 it has no record homes perspective obtained any permits for the job. remember in his contract threadgill admits to pulling all permits for the job. >> from what you were told l and i found threadgill and his people working here illegally? >> yes. >> reporter: and stopped him? >> stopped him, yes. >> reporter: that was back in
3:34 am
august. the hueys say they haven't seen lawrence threadgill or their 60 grand since. when you get off the phone can i talk to you real quickly? >> we've seen the contractor outside his delaware home on the very day he was questioned by city police. >> reporter: what can you tell me about it? i know you were interviewed today by law enforcement in the city of philadelphia. what can you tell me about what happened there? >> it's being handled by my attorney. >> reporter: i understand it is, lawrence. i know you'd want your lawyer to talk. how did the roof get off there, lawrence? we was asked by the owner to do that. >> reporter: lawrence, did you -- lawrence, did you have any permits? lawrence? fox 29 investigates has learned threadgill was interviewed by a detective in philadelphia's central detectives unit last month. a source says he handed police is a document stating the architect was responsible for obtaining all the permits and l and i had given him verbal approval to move to the next stage of work.
3:35 am
that investigation continues. meanwhile, a few weeks ago, a group of men gathered on the sidewalk in front of north 29th. it was the opening of bids to knock down what's left of storm and anthony huey's home. fearing danger to the community and out of money, the couple had it knocked down. >> this is our home. our home, jeff. now it will be rubble. we have nowhere to go. >> reporter: threadgill's lawyer did not return a call for comment in a letter to the huey's representative she accused of them of harassing threadgill and his wife rather than working to resolve the dispute. the hueys say threadgill has offered to return 30 grand if they commit not to sue. they say they can't do that because they're paying a mortgage of $1,200 a month for a hole in the ground.
3:36 am
jeff cole, fox 29 news. ♪ >> what a story. let's check out what's on your radar tonight. i know it's warming up out the there. >> not bad out there, kathy. >> it is. it is going to be cool tonight. not as cold as last night and tomorrow we are going to see those temperatures soar. right now 40 in the city. pottstown 35. in trenton 37. wrightstown 32. so on the cool side but no 20s. not just yet. high pressure sits over us. during the day tomorrow we're talking about sunshine. a few clouds but mild temperatures. we have a front in the midwest. behind it, some snow, some sleet, some rain and all of this moving into the central part of the country places like chicago seeing wind and rain. minneapolis some rain mixing with snow. denver snow. st. louis, dallas and houston rain. we are on the dry side of the country. at least for thursday. when i high pressure will be in control and a warmer day on friday. black friday looking great. really mild with temperatures soaring through the 60s. it's not until late friday into saturday that this front moves through and the best chance of
3:37 am
seeing rain will be saturday afternoon and also on sunday. if this front stalls we have a chance of rain on sunday. so right now we're looking at some showers. not heavy rain at all with this next front moving our way and we do not have any chance of severe weather like they are seeing out west. that is good for us. something to be thankful for. for night in the city, 38. in the suburbs on this thanksgiving eve, 34. a full moon tonight they call it the frosty moon. still chilly overnight, the wind will be calm. for your thanksgiving, i couldn't resist. 62 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. they will be high clouds moving in. a signal that the next day black friday will be warmer. for your thanksgiving, in the morning, cool, 44 degrees. by the noon hour, 55. a huge jump in temperature with only a matter of hours. and then by the afternoon the high 62 degrees. as we look ahead on your exclusive fox 297 day forecast, you can see black friday warm. some showers possible saturday and sunday. staying unsettled next monday, tuesday and wednesday at least
3:38 am
on the cool side this front will return north as a warm front and give us a chance of a shower here or there but nevertheless, as we end the month of november next week we are talking about being in the top 10 warmest of all time and i did unscientific survey on facebook tonight. what time do people usually eat thanksgiving dinner? the consensus around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon and most people say that the only birds they want to see is their turkey. not being supportive of the eagles. hopefully we'll have a win. >> let's hope so. yeah. >> kathy thank you. community creeped out seeing this clown walking around the streets. people have been posting pictures on social media near milwaukee police have been getting a lot of phone calls. tonight the mystery is solved. it's an area 15-year-old whose mom says he's trying to make people smile. >> i'd rather him do this than run the streets, get girls pregnant, do drugs, like other teens are doing now a days.
3:39 am
>> there had been reports of the clown costume showing up oh and a nearby college campus much the teen's mom said if that's true it's not her son because he's only allowed to perform near their home. take look. police say that guy just broke into someone's home crawling around in the bedroom while someone was sleeping just feet away. the one thing on the dresser he was after. plus local rapper who has taken over empire. what breezy tells our quincy harris she did with terrence howard every day. plus an epic battle tonight between drake and rapper two chains but it's got nothing to do with music. why you may be throwing down some cash to get in on this action. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. we're getting ready for the big thanksgiving day parade tomorr tomorrow. we're in shut down mode here on the art museum area right in front of the steps. portions of the parkway closed and all of the septa buses are detoured till the rental of the parade tomorrow. and if you'll be traveling throughout the holiday weekend or just be careful and all of
3:40 am
the construction zones like i- i-95, 42, portions of the 202. you're not going to seat workers out there. but there's new traffic patterns in all of those work zones enjoy the rest of the evening and ♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets ♪ 6 match 6 chances ♪ 5 cash 5s ♪ 4 cash4lifes ♪ 3 pick 3s ♪ 2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new holiday millionaire. (joe) happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. >> ♪ police trying to track down this guy at the center of terrifying home invasion. surveillance video shows the guy sneaking into a home and carefully making his way into the bedroom. you can see him take something from the dresser just a few steps away from the bed where a man was sleeping. the bad guy took off when the man woke up and he got away with a smart phone. now to the bizarre arrest of the night. a florida woman is behind bars accused of calling 911 on police and they were standing right in front of her. reverend county -- brevard county police were called out to home for a report of a verbal abuse. a woman who smelled of alcohol and slurred speech wanted to get in her car and drive. in a surprise move the deputes offered to drive her to her friend's house and then authorities say she picked up
3:44 am
the phone and called 911. >> they're asking me to hang up the phone. >> okay. >> i'm not going to hang up the phone. i'm talking to you right now and i want to leave my home. >> okay. you need to go and talk to them, okay? >> okay. i want a police officer here. >> you have two of them there. >> after leaving the woman deputes were called back again they eventually arrested her for domestic battery and misuse of 911. a florida couple under arrest accused of robbing a little girl of $5. girl was on her way back from the store with five bucks in hers hand. investigators say they told her give me everything you have. she went home and told her grandpa who called the police. that little girl calls the couple's arrest quote karma. n your money night it will cost to put that turkey and all the trimmings on your table this year around the country americans are expect totter
3:45 am
spend about $15 million on thanksgiving and that breaks down to about $50 per family which is considered 10 people so that's about $5 a person and that's double what it was 30 years ago. this is a different kind of rap battle this one over ugly sweaters. the players drake and two chains. so take look. these sweaters put together by fresh brewed teas the owner tells tmz his team put together the drake inspired gear just a few week ago and put them up for sale today for 50 bucks. in a matter of hours they sold $20,000 worth. not to be done rapper two chains released his own line of ugly christmas sweaters. some featuring gold chains with marijuana leaves. another showing santa dabbing it's the hot new trend you've seen on the nfl week and last week our good team was accused of killing the trend. two chain posting a few pictures on instagram wearing the dabbing sweater. >> from cosmetology school to super stardom on the hottest show on tv. you know her on empire as frieda
3:46 am
gats. >> she's from philly. fox 29's quincy harris sits down with breezy to talk about how one call changed her life. ♪ >> reporter: breezy the newest star empire has taken this season by storm. >> ♪ >> reporter: rapper turned actor was born in philly and raised in wilmington, delaware, and had her life all mapped out. >> i went to dell castle technical school vocation occasional school and i studied cosmetology. i already knew what i wanted to do. i'll knock this out and get my license and cut hair gone to college and do my news. >> after living in atlanta for eight years and becoming a well-known barber, she moved to la to focus on her music career. >> ♪ >> reporter: year later a phone call changed her life forever. >> i received a phone call from someone that i knew from my past and was just like, you know, heard of the show they're
3:47 am
looking for rapper. you should send me some pictur pictures. i'm like, okay. then i got a call the same night asking could i be flown to la. i'm like i'm already in la. >> reporter: things started to move at a fast pace. >> ♪ >> i went in. did an audition for lee daniel daniels -- lea daniels lee daniels sister the creator of the show. about five days later i was in chicago. ♪ >> reporter: the last three months for breezy has been surreal. she realized her dream life was her real live at a recent party. >> i was in the building with actors that i grew up looking at asking me for hugs and my name i was like, oh, oh, yeah. i don't know what's going on but this is happening. >> reporter: he sure is. ♪ report roar breezy plays lucio lucious' recent artist and works closely with terrence howard.
3:48 am
>> terrence has been a big brother/uncle. ♪ >> really given me his rhythm based off his experience in the industry. so me and him spend a lot of time together. we shoot every day together. we talk every day. >> ♪ >> reporter: with two songs on the empire two sound tracks, arising acting career, what's next for breezy. >> i love the music. i think it always be a passion of mine but i definitely want to tackle this tv and film thing. >> ♪ i love it. i love the feeling it gives me. >> ♪ >> reporter: quincy harris, fox 29 news. great story. >> she got the acting bug. >> exactly. >> sean? >> let's hope the eagles do as well. >> no great stories in sports here. no great stories. the eagles arrive in detroit they have a bunch of team injuries on the offensive end. we'll give you an injury update and the sixers on the verge of getting their first win of the
3:49 am
season up by 11 with two minutes to go and then things real tight.
3:50 am
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3:52 am
hopefully the eagles give us something to be thankful on thanksgiving. they need a win in the worst way tomorrow but i don't think so it's going to happen. also, they have tons of issues on the offense si side. ryan matthews and zach ertz will be out with concussions and sam bradford's questionable many they arrived in detroit today to try to break a two-game losing streak. the lions aren't any good but neither are the eagles right now. they don't win tomorrow, it will be real hard for them to come back home. tomorrow morning at 10:00 we'll have a special edition of "game day live" break down the game and get you our keys to an eagles victory. after the game we'll have full game coverage. sixers had 11-point lead in the first quarter against the celtics then the sixers went sixers. after turnover, crowder nailed the three ball gives the celtics two-point lead. tapping off 18-three run. one last chance. misses the jumper. sixers lose 84-80. 26 straight losses going back to last year.
3:53 am
flyers/islanders well more sad news in philly sports. after being up one-zero in the first the islanders scored three straight beating the flyers three-one.
3:54 am
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3:56 am
♪ that will do it for us tonight. thanks for watching v a great evening. >> remember your powerball
3:57 am
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this morning on the fox 29 morning news a tragic start to the thanksgiving holiday a man killed in a fire overnight in a house fire in nicetown. now a warning from firefighters. plus president obama trying to reassure americans a mid terror threat around the world. why he says we should not live in fear. >> and a pennsylvania trooper is back home for the holidays after getting shot this week on the vine street expressway. why he says the attention should not be on him. >> good morning, at 4:00 this thanksgiving, a very happy thanksgiving to you, lauren dawn johnson with the family out of state. but thanks for being with us on this november 26. otherwise, dave warren, just the two of us. >> my family is in state. i'm ready to go. we are here talking little warmer start to the day. still pretty cold until the suburbs, bundle


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